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The Secret and Sauce Behind The Name

Taste & Tell

We get a lot of questions about our Brand,  Asilynot

  • What in the world is Asilynot?

  • What does it mean?

  • Is it foreign?

So what is Asilynot?  It's a play on words me and my wife came up with.  

Tony and Lisa = ​Asilynot.     

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Our Story

Beginning with my passion for coffee, it started out with searching for the best cup of coffee i could make in my home. That of course meant switching from pre-ground coffee bought at the grocery store to buying different whole beans.  I soon discovered that fresh-ground coffee is much better than any of the pre-grounds I'd been sipping. I tried different ways of brewing the coffee, such as Pour-Overs, French Press, Siphon Pots, Drip Makers etc. and found a better way to make coffee but as the wife can attest to I'm never satisfied, so I started watching videos on roasting coffee. I done some research on home roasters and the wife bought me my first home roaster and so I started roasting & grinding my own coffee beans. (1/4 of a pound at a time). I spent a lot of time watching videos, reading roasting blogs, testing single origin beans, roasting at different levels and improved my own cup at home. 


I soon started sharing my specialty roasted beans with family and friends and as the demand grew, so did the need for our roasting machines.  I could no longer keep up with roasting for them at a 1/4 pound a roast. So I started searching for a new roaster that would roast more coffee at a time. ​I've sinced moved on from my great little roasting machine to our 2 kilo fluid bed roasting machine that produces our great roasted specialty coffee in volume to share with you.

We will always keep learning and researching to continue to provide you with the best specialty coffee your money can buy.


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